In the photograph, the installation by Ester Ségal consisting of four photographs depicting men, women and natural environments with a black background

Esther Ségal’s eclecticism

Esther Ségal was born in 1973 in Paris, a city where she still lives. After her university studies she obtained her PhD at the Department of Art Sciences. From 2000 until today, she participated in […]

in the black and white photo you can see a series of undulating buildings

Our time in Abitacolo, and they are twenty

Abitacolo (Cockpit) is the cultural foundation with a pivot in art and, mainly in architecture. Fernando Miglietta founded it in Calabria in 1995. Tasks: Promotion of the cultural debate around these issues, organization of events, […]

in this black and white photo you can see on the right a young woman, an auxiliary of the Red Army; she puts in her hand a flag.

Valentina Parisi, from Königsberg Nazi Lager

Two stories from the concentration camp in Königsberg There are many stories and many languages ​​in the matter: Russian, Polish, German. This is the premise to tell stories of families connected to the concentration camp […]

the color photo shows a middle-aged gentleman wearing clear rimless eyeglasses, a vertical striped shirt and a black jacket.

The Pistoletto flywheel and the Fondazione Biellezza

The Biellezza Foundation is born The Fondazione Biellezza has just been born. Twenty years of activism in the social culture by the Pistoletto Foundation has caused surprising results, starting with the city. The foundation of […]

Vitaldo Conte, bambola e rosa in dissolvenza raccapricciante

Eros Woman’s look

Sguardi di Eros Donna (Demon of Transformation) is the title of the new e-book by the essayist Vitaldo Conte by Tiemme Edizioni Digitali. It concludes a drive path, which began with the previous e-book Dioniso […]

you can see a big wall with many black worn work-gloves

Four Artists for Kenta

(works by Federico De Leonardis, Sergio Limonta, Filippo Manzini, Hidetoshi Nagasawa)   Space, Shape, Concept is the title of the exhibition opening Kenta Foundation’s new season in Milan. In fact, this group show has been […]

Photograph of the performer Marta Cuscunà sitting on the ground with her puppets

Donna Haraway inspires Marta Cuscunà’s Earthbound

The Earthbound project A slender girl, super awarded performer, actress: performer Marta Cuscunà from Monfalcone, a place of shipyards and death from asbestos, as the artist points out in the first lines of her website. […]

in this photo you can see a long american car and a woman on the car hood who wears a white dress with red pois

There he is again, Finzi Pasca in Lugano

The thousand and one resources of the Swiss Daniele Finzi Pasca who is known an actor, director, and choreographer. He got back to his performative theater with Luna Park a carousel ride on stage at […]


Dance, phase 3

This summer has been full of outdoor programs in parks and arenas, respecting the new safety standards. Some example: in Nervi, a glorious ballet festival, the first to see the light in Italy in the […]

In the picture there are two female faces. The first is colored and located on the left, the other is black and white and located on the right. The dark red title is located on the upper part of the picture on white background

Around the Futurist Lust

Dioniso Legami is the title of the e-book by the essayist Vitaldo Conte at Tiemme Digital Editions. “The Futurist Manifesto of Lust (1913) by Valentine de Saint-Point is the premise for Dioniso Legami – as […]

Asvis logo, Alleanza Italiana per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile, with little coloured rectangles of different colors

Sustainability awarded

#AlleanzaAgisce The #AlleanzaAgisce portal created by the has been awarded, the “Solidarity Award”, an important recognition which is part of the “SDG Action Awards 2020” campaign, set up by the UN Secretary General.  The associates […]

Swan Lake Corey Baker: Bath Ballet in buthtubs

A New Zealand Swan Lake

Swan Lake by Corey Baker The swans out of the water are clumsy and the dancers outside the theaters are also uncomfortable. During the pandemic many dancing swans have colonized the web. One of the […]

you can see a monument and and artist with a white dress and a red scarf

Artists and Monument Hackers

“Hacking Monuments” project The monuments of Milano are the protagonists of the “Hacking Monuments” project, which has been curated by Simona Da Pozzo. The artists Their narrative function and the enjoyment by both activists and […]

la band Portnoy sta suonando in un giardino illuminato da tante piccole luci da esterno

A dirty thing for Portnoy

A videoclip on the band Portnoy has just been published, director Camilla Mancini who titled it “A dirty thing”. Watching and listening to this video-musical story, you are touched by an endless sequence of artistic […]

this photo of Salgado you can see some Zaire refugees and there is also a female child

Exodus, Sebastião Salgado on show

Exodus. Travelling the Roads of Migrants If you have never been to Pistoia and are planning to spend a weekend in the Tuscan city, do not miss the exhibition Exodus. Travelling the Roads of Migrants […]

Summer dance shows 2020, dancer of the Ecole Des Sables

The Summer dances

Summer dance shows 2020 Some tips about performances and summer dance shows in 2020. Pina Bausch‘s Sacre du Printemps was supposed to be the 2020 dance event. It is a masterpiece of 1975 staged in […]

Black and white photo of the collector François Depeaux

Depeaux’s Impressionists in Rouen

François Depeaux (1853-1920) was not among the first collectors of the Impressionists. There was a generation before him who had started to see, with interest and curiosity, this formal metamorphosis of art merchants, like Durand-Ruel. […]

red and pink cover of the book "The book of the finished stories"

The Finished Stories

“The book of the finished stories”, has just been released, Fusibilia Libri publisher, edited  by Dona Amati, with a forward by Ugo Magnanti. A large collection of stories are included in it, and you deal […]

picture, colors, interior, dancing couple in a bathroom, dance and ballet on the internet, theatres reopening?

Dance from all around the World, on the Internet

When are theatres reopening? In the meanwhile, the great dance companies are all active on the web. The New York City Ballet decides to show George Balanchine’s repertoire. Ballets de Monte-Carlo gives its energies thorugh […]