foto in scala di grigi di un fila di carrelli del supermercato
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Disposable towards Sustainability

It was in 1827 when the first disposable products were formed: the removable collar for shirts, “invented” by a housewife who was tired of washing her husband’s shirts, solely for cleaning the collar. The husband […]

Covid in India
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India, the trafficking of young brides and children

The Covid pandemic has severely worsened two scourges suffered by Indian society: child brides and child trafficking. Although the law formally prohibits it, poor families often force girls as young as teenagers to marry, because […]

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God Bless South Africa

South Africa had the strictest COVID-19 lockdown in the world. Presently the numbers of contagions are rising exponentially, however, the country is relaxing the lockdown phases. South Africa has no choice, due to cultural, poverty […]

The picture is a black and white photography showing a pair of chained hands near a pillow on a bed cover with infantile decorations
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Racial Prejudices, and Words of Liars

The atrocious homicide of the young African-American George Floyd, on May 25, sparked widespread outrage and opened Pandora’s box of all the discrimination that is perpetrated every day in the world against black minorities. The […]

The picture shows Italian president Sergio Mattarella giving a speech in Codogno ( epicentre of the Covid-19 epidemy in Italy) on June 2nd. The president (in three-quarter profile) wears a dark blue jacket, a white shirt, a blue tie and the face mask. Behind the speaker and the microphone there are some palnts and a blue backdrop whit the white writing "Festa della Repubblica. Codogno 2 Giugno 2020" on it
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The new “unità d’Italia”

June 2nd. Usually, flags and parades, and protocol rites for such celebration of Italian Republic’s birth (June, 2nd, 1949). This year, president Sergio Mattarella set the tone to the anniversay in a necessary, appropriate way, […]

The Imposed Mask
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I Know You, Mask!

No, this is not about the Coronavirus, nor about the epidemic that pesters us with numbers and statistics. There is nothing in this title that has to do with the crisis, the drastic changes in […]

Due giovani ragazze dai tratti orientali, entrambe con occhiali da vista, posano sedute in un'area verde. Una di loro guarda verso l'osservatore, l'altra rivolge lo sguardo lateralmente
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China, students towards the stress of Gaokao

Just over a week has passed since schools reopened in Wuhan and throughout Hubei Province. Here, the first case of coronavirus was found, but life is slowly returning to normal. Following the strict ministerial protocols, […]

on a wood table there are twelve little flags in front of a reflecting surface. The visible flags are (from left to right) Turkey, germany, Greee, United Kingdom, Poland, Moldavia, European Union and Roumania

Evidence of undemocratic decision-making process

It is not a surprise that in Hungary Victor Orban took advantage of the fear of the pandemic to ensure to himself almost total control of the state. Parliament continues to meet as an advisory […]

Chongqing China, a view of the industrial district of the chinese city, sunset
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Chongqing’s Mysteries, GDP and Quality of Life

(second and last part) Chongqing China – a city that is not only efficient but also livable and respectful of the environment. Indeed, one of the parameters taken into consideration is the per capita consumption […]

Black and white photograph of an ultramodern bridge and skyscrapers in the background, in the Chinese megalopolis Chongqing.
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Chongqing’s mysteries, urbanization

(the first of two parts) About five years have passed since I left for China. A study trip, cultural discovery and personal growth which led me to live there for a year. When people asked […]

piccolo mucchio di uova. Su una leggiamo la scritta "COVID-19" fatta con pennarello nero
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Moreover, anxiety and depression

In this moment of general uncertainty and forced isolation, our mental balance is being tested. It is natural to feel overwhelmed and negative emotions, which in some cases aggravate pre-existing situations of psychological distress. In […]

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What about Deglobalizing the Health?

Is it possible that the current epidemic was needed to make European rulers understand that one cannot depend on a distant and problematic country like China to supplying essential medicines? The synthesis of Chinese raw […]

Fuga dal nord
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3:10 to Yuma, a Train to Southern Italy against the virus

Thousands and miles fleeing the north. Suddenly, in one night. The bundle on the shoulder. Money? doesn’t matter. Hen planes are bombing, you can’t stay waiting or think about. Fear-action: just one breath, no gap […]

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From the Handshake to The Feet One

In this period, whether we are in one of the “red zones” or in any other part of Italy, everyone must face a change in our lifestyles. We need to “avoid hugs and handshakes” and […]

picture, colours, 2 female dolls in black, black hair, geisha-like make-up, white background
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Love Dolls, the Fluffy Skin of Mayu and Deluxe

(The second of three parts) 4. “But when I saw Mayu in the showroom, it was love at first sight,” says a Japanese man. This doll has become the only love of his life. It […]

The naked bust of a man from behind, held by the arms of a figure not represented at the height of the hips. On the bust, on the lower back, the name Doug is written. Below, X-SITE Energy Services.
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Greta beyond the Horrible Drawing, gracefully

The global meets the global. She treats the global emergency, especially the global warming. Her counterpart treats oil. She is Greta Thunberg, on her opposite there is X-SITE Energy Services and her champion manager Doug […]

ospedale Italia
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Hospitals Hospitals Hospitals

China has stunned the world, weeks ago: a new hospital was built in 10 days. At that time the rest of the world thought: we are sympathetic, but, luckily, we are far away, hopefully we […]

A doll, Barbie style, is lying; she has light and long hair, front covered with fringe, black fishnet dress.
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Love Dolls, Fellini’s Casanova

(here is the first part of the three ones forming this statement about Love Dolls)   Once, translated into statues or dolls, many female faces or bodies, over a lot of centuries, have seduced men […]


Southeast Asia, a Journey into Animism

MARINA SHAFIK – In Southeast Asia, animism is deeply rooted into society. No matter what religion, status, educational or well-being level you are – animism is a constant and it is part of the cultural […]