Eros Woman’s look

Vitaldo Conte, bambola e rosa in dissolvenza raccapricciante

Sguardi di Eros Donna (Demon of Transformation) is the title of the new e-book by the essayist Vitaldo Conte by Tiemme Edizioni Digitali. It concludes a drive path, which began with the previous e-book Dioniso Legami.

The quotation from Friedrich Nietzsche, with which the text begins, is significant: “Dionysian art wants to convince us of the eternal joy of existence: except that we must seek this joy not in appearances, but behind appearances.  In the introduction, the author writes “The Demon Woman of Transformation is an archetype of Eros: she lives in the ancestral calls of being. Her appearances are many: divine, feminine or transgender, however infected by Dionysus. The gazes of this demonic seduction “ignite” (to the point of obsession) artists, writers and philosophers, and also human behavior in general.Woman’s skin and make-up can be transmuted into Beauty Art. Her dancing body is a sensual attraction-dynamic in Tango. The Red Rose, a symbol of desire (profane and mystical), can become a body of love. The drive for an imaginary of extreme seduction also lives in the Fantastic through a Woman – Robot or Doll – of cybernetic Eros”.  In the electronic book there are the texts, published in “Fyinpaper”, on the Fantastic Eros of Robots and Love Dolls.