Up with the Butterfly in the Inguin, up with the Italian Provincialism

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Rula Jebreal had all the qualities to be refused by the Rai top management as Amadeus’ help. Two very different personalities. One is a  real symbol of the convention and the provincialism, the other is naturally transgressive. May be the intermittent eye presenter had found his way to Damascus? If so, his sole chance would consist in visiting Lourdes.

Sanremo Festival is perched in its provincialism. As if the Italian spirit it represents (the various Matteo Salvini are right in this sense) risk to loose its tone and purpose because of an olive complexion’s presence? By the way, how did come that the journalist and writer is naturalized Italian? It really makes sense that no one took care of the following: she names herself  “a secular muslim”; her father is a sufi imam; she usually is committed against the death penalty and discrimination; for some years she was a Julian Schnabel’s partner (a really unconventional artist-director); she masters two unfriendly languages, Arabic and Israeli; etc. The university Minister should hasten to send peninsular rectors a memorandum: they must be careful when welcoming foreigner scholars. You should consider that she might take advantage of his Bolognese degree and do free sessions of postural physiotherapy to the Italian neo-purists.