The intellectuals and the Global Occult Plots

Skateboard logo that this week deals with the globalization and the intellectuals' role

Tied to globalization’s condition there is the tendency to globalize everything. Anybody can easily give themselves visibility, anyway. But the financial juggernaut and large monopolies are at the same time pompous and crawling, in absolute silence. They tend to globalize themselves and everything in the world to the detriment of all human beings, pushed by the religion of money. You have lots of  suspicions, but hardly evidence in hand. You deduce with powerful logic, but actually your rugged castle is unworkable. It is the condemnation for those who are simply people. You plan your life freely, but substantially you act inside fundamental frames. It is not conspiracy thinking, it is the spontaneous understandable suspicion-reality-monster of those who have the right to seek truth but will barely get it. Unfortunately, we are beyond the pillars of Hercules of the clear positions and oppositions between mercantilists and utopians or between imperialists and socialists. The medievalist pyramid takes on surreal inter-planetary dimensions. Providentially, man, as long as he is still far from turning into a machine, will not stop questioning. Especially if those who I would name the freelancers of thought (there are many reasons why the word intellectual is covered by perplexity) will assume commitment to truth and people.