Big Mouth, the pubic review

It’s the story of four friends (and classmates) struggling with their “hormone monsters” to discover the unknown territories of puberty.

The adolescence period is a strange one. You see things with other eyes and your body changes in an unpredictable way. Your feelings become stronger and so the temptations. New transgressive horizons and rules to break. Relationships turn over and over complex. Almost insurmountable, the problems must be faced without a guide.

Erections, hair, size, oral intercourse, homosexuality and bisexuality, naive perversions and complete lack of self-control are served with irony and little regard. Sometimes with a certain disorder. Beautiful musical ideas and pop culture characters are assumed as a model.

In this animated and uncensored series everything is shown in bright colors. The tones, often strong and provocative, will not upset those who have already got to know the rebellious spirit of productions like South Park.

However, you realize that those who are not used to topics of this type in the form of animation should deal with it in small doses.