A Table against Hatred and the Breathalyzer

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Sardines Movement invited to be quiet, to ban hate speech. They have been inspired by Article 3 of the Italian Constitution (“all citizens have equal social dignity, etc.”). On the proposal of senator Liliana Segre, a strong combative against violence, Italy has now an Extraordinary Commission against intolerance, racism, anti-Semitism, incitement to hatred and violence. A National Table against hate speech was also formed whose coordinator is the specialist Federico Faloppa, professor in Reading. The writer hates hatred, hates to hate, don’t hate who hates but has compassion for them.

The writer, like many, is against any discrimination of race, ethnicity, religion. The Table brings together many social forces and has, as Faloppa states, the task of “reporting cases of intolerance, racism, anti-Semitism, instigation of hatred and violence”. May be it could be enough to be inspired by the No Hate Speech Youth Movement that is properly active in the educational and youth field at European level. Happily, however, Madam Segre runs her mission in schools. Anyway: how will you report these cases? And what breathalyzer is to be used? The idea is absolutely noble and ethical, but perhaps it risks slips and misunderstandings and can also suggest that Italy is lacking in law.