Are the Chinese Masks a Tragicomic Surprise?

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Racism? Sometimes it sounds so. For instance when ethnic groups, or some kinds of populations, or even, as it happens in Italy, countrymen from other regions, are kept away. This is caused by the clear obvious reason that they are possible coronavirus carriers. Anyway let’s think about a coincidence. The alleged greasers are also those people who are touched by racist reactions or feelings. For example, those who come from Africa. And what about Italy? You can even imagine about a revival and revenge in relation to the Terrone-Polentone social counterparts. It is as if you were thinking, secretly: how many times did you, Nordic, look at us with snobbery and malice during the Sixties and Seventies! And now, in addition, nyou bring us the virus? But clearly this is just a joke. Anyway, you should stress that racism is meandering and, as it is uncompromising, in some cases it can be connected to the fear of the virus. On an opposite terrain, you find occasions of consistency, transparency and linearity in relation to real facts: suddenly, you can buy eventually the protective mask that you have desperately looked for. But, when at home, a jolt takes you when your eyes fall on label saying “Made in China”.