The genetically modified review, Rampage

recensione loop

You wouldn’t be wrong to call it a dish with ingredients of sure liking (such as ham and melon) with some updates to ingratiate Greta and her followers.

We have a protagonist who, despite having the physique and experience of a

Marvel character, likes a safe and secluded job. An appetizer of problems that instead of being the classic nuclear radiation or an alien influence is genetic editing. A news that could create a thousand possible solutions but, coincidentally, has the same effect as the old ingredients.

Giantism, brutality and a great desire for building zeroing. To be even safer that monster and reinforced concrete meet, why do not put a call right above a skyscraper? And then dull soldiers and helicopters rushed to enhance its flavor.

A few sprinklings of adrenaline like in “Mission Impossible”, a bit of teenage irony and the dish is ready.

I would combine a wine with an end-of-the-world scent and anaftertaste of déjàvu.

Serve with freshbananas.