Pandemic, Viral Laxity Worldwide

Design by Gabriele Artusio

It is not science business, its exponents have been clear. It’s not economic business, because with the resurgence of the pandemic it is suffering no less. Or maybe worse that if it had continued with the precautions (even loosened), but not eliminated. What is it, then? Universal common sense in every language and culture, from employee to specialists, has been an easy prophet.

You might not know where this gentleman came from, but he loves-to-bits us human beings and he does not miss an opportunity to pass from one body to the next, until drunk on higher and thicker gatherings. It is elementary that he re-explodes with free vacations as if nothing had ever happened. We have behaviored as if we were  in normal life, also in nightlife and the like, without wearing masks and without the minimum social distancing. And then the crowding of classrooms at school. We are all potential taxi drivers of this ‘being’ made in China and we take it home, to our parents, our grandparents, our children, our grandchildren, to our office colleagues.

Was it impossible to prevent new peaks from occurring? Why? Why all this? In the times of Greek mythology, it would have been said that this or that divinity for some whim had raged against the human race, neutralizing the use of hindsight. Why has no country taken advantage of the pilot experience made by Italy? Why did Italy not take advantage of the harmful consequences of the reopening to normality or almost practiced by many countries? Why is there not a deep and internationally focused dialogue in a global emergency (except individual scientists connected by some research project)? Why have so many politicians used the mask as an amulet, or, in most cases, like a handkerchief to take out of their pocket when their nose runs? Or playing it in their fingers as a substitute for a cigarette?

I would wait for a serious response from anyone in the world, who had a plausible explanation. Conspiracies are never lacking in emergencies, like jackals. But in the life of men there is never a shortage of those who plot as much as they can for their own profit, with no limits, whatever damage can be done. I and money exist, the rest I don’t care about. So much so that, wanting to remove any thought of any plans for herd immunity and the like, and giving every blame to the case (even if the case almost always has a cause, albeit involuntary), remains a realistic fact: the great appetite that surrounds the production of drugs and vaccines. Think of it: a worldwide appetite, to make the Scrooge of Scrooges a nutcase. Who will regulate and guarantee the goodness of vaccines?

The WHO that has recently given itself new commitments but has had the opportunity to exhibit bias and immoral cover-ups? All this is said in a Fyin way, for your interest, in the interest of all, and almost all of us are in the inescapable condition of suffering.This is an objective situation, there is no subjectivism in between. And here I stop. Since any hypothesis or conclusion has no indisputable supports. At least until now. And therefore, we remain in the distressing question: Why, worldwide, this viral laxity? For the benefit of whom or what?

History is repeated. And what happens when it is repeated worldwide, due to the globalization of everything? Hope it is a strange question, unfounded, silly, insipid. But there is one fact that, however, is puzzling: in this global emergency, there is no sign of global synergy and partnership. Each on his own, to make us think of the famous Roman motto understandable to all: “Divide et Impera”.