Les Editions du Canoë in foreground

Etretat in Normandy, where Claude Monet came to paint like so many others, and they talk about a fundamental problem: the transmission of knowledge from a teacher to a student.

The discussion goes far beyond this issue posing some questions on poetry and its current relationship with literature. According to the two men, things cannot really be learned, it is possible only to trace paths to reach not the truth, not the knowledge, but a discoveryof a new content of thought and creation.

Future projects                                                                    

For the autumn, Les Editions du Canoë has undoubtedly prepared some nice surprises: a book by the poet Adonis, a “Traité de l’élégance” by Yang Ermin, “Du parfait retour de la terre” by Dong Baichuan and two great studies on Chinese culture, to name just a few.                                                                                                                  

In order to offer an idea of the most recent production of this promising publishing house, I propose an excerpt from the book by Michel Chaillou and Jacques Roubaud, “Les Entretiens d’Etretat”, a “spiritual” book (which wants to be full of spirit, but also of a certain humor), which deals with seriously the great subjects of literature and philosophy in our times and the enormous difficulty to face them