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China has stunned the world, weeks ago: a new hospital was built in 10 days. At that time the rest of the world thought: we are sympathetic, but, luckily, we are far away, hopefully we will not be infected. Endless controversy around the coronavirus. Primarily in China, of course: silence press ordered, and news about the epidemic was not readily spread. Then, a hero of the epidemic, he himself was infected and died: the doctor who had dared to spread some truths about causing a strong reaction of the government against him. Then the number of infections continually increased in China. And then into the Middle East. 

Then the virus spread quickly to: South Korea, Cambodia, Algeria, Australia, Afghanistan, Brazil, Canada, Italy. The Peninsula now finds itself at the top, while the other EU countries inconsiderately feeling miraculous. They shouted to the ‘Untore’ to Italy. (greaser, the plague-spreader). They did this well, but then bad in feeling privileged. Sure, a pedantic can easily observe that, yes, we’re talking about a pandemic (if you would like), but still many countries and various geographical areas are immune. Immune, maybe, but not immunized. Nobody is. Everywhere in the world the political voice, certainly with the comfort of scientists, reassures its citizens.

However, the numbers are increasing all the time, and now also in the Usa. The media repeats a comforting chorus: there is nothing to fear and no reason to panic; it is certainly not a normal flu, therefore caution, but it is not so terrible. Still, what the media can’t help but point out is that the virus has a great ability to spread. It is all true, as confirmed by virologists and other specialists, even the latter point emphasizing the ease of propagation. Among other things, society cannot stop and the inevitable compromise measures that will be adopted will not stop the spread.

Another fact which is no less important comes from the specialists: it will take at least a year for a vaccine to be developed, because of the experiments, assessment of its tolerability and effectiveness, the production, distribution, etc. So it is very easy to say: the virus spreads with surprising ease, also before a year – and if it goes well – a vaccine will be very difficult; consequently, what will be the result? That the propagation will be increasingly widespread, based on the asymptomatic infected and the symptomatic one, unaware infected that maybe will remain so, and so differentiating. Thank heavens that the lethality is not high, or that it is low. 

What is the real big problem then, in addition to the precautions that penalize us not quite a bit, and not only on the economic level? The problem is that most likely the number of infected will be higher and far ousting that of healing. So much so that the hospital-type facilities each nation has will be insufficient. Also, because they are generally structures that deal with normal or urgent routine pathologies, although not emergent.  And non-emergent diseases won’t set aside to make way for Covid-19.

Therefore, if you want to care about people’s health, new structures must be secured or other kind structures must be adapted. Hospitals, hospitals, hospitals, doctors, doctors, doctors. Whatever is the virus’s degree of aggression, with the word pandemic we will probably get used to living together for not a short time.