Homo Homini Virus

in the color photo you can see a cup with coffee inside, an open book and a branch of white flowers on a table

Usually, man feels his fellow men as a possible threat to him, except when he can trust them fully. But this is not rarely followed by repentance. However, man is a social being. Aristotle conciliates: with regard to the value of the polis, he considers man as a political animal. Aristotle may have all the reasons he likes to have – Thomas Hobbes may have thought – but this Greek philosopher’s idea that man goes in search of balance and control of his instinct did not convince him at all. That’s because – he said – homo homini lupus. So much so as to indicate the opportunity to pass from the state of nature to the State that he icastically portrays in his Leviathan.

In an era of global pandemic, man tends to feel man as a friend. Not in the Hobbesian sense of friendship as a necessary interaction in favor of one’s needs and points of view. Instead, as a fellow being. But also for another reason: as a companion in misfortune. The “viral” drive to feel the other man as an enemy has turned into a sort of unthinkable psychological and social egalitarianism that has a real cause, just one, but a powerful one: Covid-19. Therefore: men of the earth let us unite against that terrible crowned. All against one? So to speak. In this case, the principle one means one or, differently, one means two, doesn’t make sense. It would have been nice: all against one! Or at least it is one, yes (if this were a truth  that this being or thing always travels as a singularity), but also it is parthenogenetic. On one condition: that a kind human being hosts him, and then it’s a big party for him.

But it doesn’t stop there. At the first opportunity to move on to another kind guest the monster gets crazy. Actually, it intends to ensure eternal life to itself. Hence the partnership between men against him falls down. If man wants to avoid it has to avoid his fellow men, because homo homini virus.

From the illusion of overcoming wolf behavior among men, due to the need to cultivate that unprecedented partnership, we move on to the most ferocious loneliness, not even close friends and close relatives. You’re walking down the street and look around at 360 degrees trying to understand who is going to overtake you or who is going to meet you; zero socialization. It is really worse than a war. A paradox: to see this condition homo homini virus significantly reduced, it is necessary to practice (as much as possible, as far as possible) the homo homini virus principle, including holidays.