The new class struggle

class struggle today, drawings, Karl Marx says
Drawing by Ben Bestetti
Class struggle today, at the time of coronavirus

Someone, something will have taken away half of life from every human on earth. For how long? Will it be enough to set off a new class struggle today? From the beginning of the pandemic (at that time it was called differently, or it was not even called) until the virus won’t longer be a problem. Assuming, optimistically, that this will happen at the end of 2021, the reduction in life will have been a year. Why?

A list of reasons is following: the daily rites of disinfestation, sanitization; frequent hand washing; going around, with risk, in the desperate and almost always vain search for alcohol, mask, disposable gloves and similar. Not least, the lowing of rhythms in everything, in every normal gesture, even trivial. Nothing can be done in a reckless or distracted way. First you think about the possible consequences of the gesture you are about to do, and then you act. And then perhaps, the amount of the times for these rites could go beyond 50% of life.

Is that it? Maybe. Let us leave aside the wretches (often ill-treated) who have or will risk their lives. In this respect, it is not a question of damage, but of genocide, or of generation-massacre, of mass-murder or induced evolutionism. But that’s not all. Those who, to any degree infected (with severe crises overcome, with mild clinical signs or even devoid of symptoms; the relevant real numbers may be one day revealed), have then happily recover from the disease, could suffer unpredictable consequences on their health over time.

Is that it? Maybe. Infected and non-infected may have been suffering for a long time from real nightmares, paranoia, anguish, panic, stress: all things that leave their mark. Unless they were already taken by overwhelming interests, as lovers of power and big money: unstoppable impulses.

If you add up, it is plausible that every person around the world has lost years of life.

These are objective considerations. Likely objective are the causes. You say causes and not faults. The causes are, in fact, incontrovertible, the faults (which would refer to frequent phenomena of international plotting) are hypotheses to be verified. Having specified this, it would be reticence not to say that, in the beginning, causes and faults overlapped in how China handled information.

Compensation for damages, as in the post-war period? Theoretically, any damaged person anywhere in the world could require it. But what should worry, on a concrete level, is the aftermath.

New contrapositions

This pandemic has made explicit the latent outbreak of a new class struggle today. Bourgeoisie? Worker? Owners? They are things of times past. In the era of 5G maximum systems are in play. And class struggle today is still based on economics and ideology. The latter lost its strength to the point of saying it had disappeared. In fact, it has maximized, fundamentalized.

The new class struggle today is all here: on the one hand an economic policy that considers individual as component of society. On the other hand, an economic policy based on the idea of pure mass. Therefore, a decisive contrast between individual and mass.

Of course, there are occasions in which, considering the people in the world, the idea of mass has been privileged. But one thing is to do it implying that a mass of people is amorphous, manipulable or exploitable, another thing is to consider it as a totality, a summation of individuals, or even thinking individuals (everyone is a daily thinker, today). In these moments when we are inclined to foreshadow the future, it would be a huge mistake to close our eyes or not to take this dichotomy into account.

There is no possibility of balance or compromise between the two poles. They are irreducible positions: the rope can be pulled to one side or to the other. Unlike the old socio-economic dialectics which was active in any country, the today situation deserves to be described in terms of geopolitics and geoculture. The reference to be made is to the geographical areas or nations where amorphous masses are managed and geographical areas or nations where the totality, the summation of individuals, is favored.

After the Covid

The scenario, at this point, is clear. What will China do? We know that well. It will resume its expansionism-colonialism, which has also taken root around the world through endless economic negotiations, both on state and private level. The WHO‘s pro-China défaillance is very significant (especially now, since the above mentioned international institution has just justified itself by affirming that its tendency to support China was instead just a trick against the Dragon).

Unfortunately, the name of the only relevant figure who fights back is Donald. But even if he turns all this in his own favor, the motivations for his action are well-founded and stable. A meeting has been scheduled for September with India, South Korea, Australia (although desired by Trump, Putin‘s presence isn’t bound to be easy). This is regardless the fact that both superpowers, USA and China, have their own dirty laundry to wash at home: for one side the Minneapolis massacre, for the other the gags in Hong Kong; and so on contradicting.