The Flock

Curvilinear stylized logo based on the word Skateboard. The European Union is running like skateboarders

The pandemized world is divided into two. A weighted gradual reopening according to the available protection measures aimed at balancing attention to people’s health and to economic needs. On the other hand, the flock. The sheep graze, runs through the meadows, do what they usually do, and who cares about viruses, the elderly, the children, the hell masks, physical distancing and similar foolishness (this is the practical mood …). 

Immune themselves, the sheep. It is a sort of planned evolution of the species. The goal? That people have to eat and need working to eat. But actually it is  a global-financial logic. In fact, if the pandemic flares up, the economic disaster will result stronger and stronger. Global logic, global decision. The local and the microcosm do not exist, they have no value. Almost a Chinese matrix logic, such as the virus. In large numbers, microcosm doesn’t matter.