The Finished Stories

red and pink cover of the book

“The book of the finished stories”, has just been released, Fusibilia Libri publisher, edited  by Dona Amati, with a forward by Ugo Magnanti. A large collection of stories are included in it, and you deal with prose as well as poetry”.

Some meaningful sentences are reported as a thematic guide. For the philosopher Emil Cioran: “A book must rummage through wounds, indeed it must provoke them. A book must be a danger. “For the singer-songwriter Fabrizio De André: “it was better to leave us than never to have met”.


“Who among us has not experienced the sense of devastation takes us when an important relationship with someone, or with something has come to an end?” – notes Dona Amati in her afterword.


Among the numerous tales, you find Vitaldo Conte’s entitled G’s abandoned red rose. The author recalls a youthful encounter with a female intellectual and writer (now dead). He does this through quoting excerpts from a subsequent she sent to him. By the way this letter will become a literary writing, and a secret testimony, indeed: “This rose can intertwine with the immobile statue of a memory, that of a baroque angel. It is yours, my unattainable love (…).For me, since I have been living in the East for donkey’s years, you are the thousandth and one: you are the most difficult, mysterious and disappointing. (…) I offered you my flesh rose: it was red with passion. But you abandoned it.”



The cover of “The book of the finished stories”, Fusibilia Libri.