The Drop

Soul drop, work by Vittorio Mazzucconi
Vittorio Mazzucconi, La goccia (The Drop), 1999
A soul drop

Our soul, when we are born, is like a drop that descends from the light of being, to fall and merge into the sea of ​​existence. Before continuing, however, I realize that I use terms that, for our time, are almost incomprehensible: what do I mean by “soul” or “being”?

Yet it is clear to everyone that we are in the sea of ​​existence, even if we don’t know where we come from. Once it has fallen from being, our soul-drop looks around bewildered. Next to her is the green of the new life, which it must now share. It could be the Garden of Eden but, on the other side, there is instead the shadow of another reality or a bad dream, in which its image is reversed. Is it night, darkness, death, evil?

Perhaps it is only the other side of life that the soul-drop, once it has fallen into the sea of ​​existence, must know.

We know it, we even think that it is the true and only reality, struggling between its extremes, because we have forgotten the light of being from which we have come down, indeed fallen.With it, we have also forgotten the meaning of life, which is more beautiful and deeper than what is said about everyday problems. We do not even understand a painting that is a meditation on this meaning, but it is not surprising. Isn’t the upside-down figure in the darkness the reason for our time and in particular its art?