Aristotele ritratto in un busto marmoreo

Smart goes alongside with digital contributing with its meaning of intelligent, smart, elegant and … more.

Being smart means being constantly in the game (because you are always ready to review the rules of the game); be in a permanent state of relationship, therefore in a “network”, always available for something unpredictable, given that each process changes in the context and for the context. Being smart means knowing the rules of the game to try to “displace them”; it means knowing how to transform the complex into simple and the simple into complex and to consider each synthesis in turn as a process and as a scenario.

Being smart means asking ourself why a butterfly beating in the Orinoco forests can cause a storm in Tokyo; that intelligence is powerful when it is strategic; that we can be free because intelligence, collective intelligence, allows us to do so; that to make art we not necessarily need artists; that knowledge and creativity are inevitably public and relational; that things speak to us and therefore “perhaps” think (in fact, intelligence is born in the relationship with them); that habits like prejudices are such because they can be changed; that innovation can be anywhere; that networks are inherently intelligent and that precisely for this reason they can be expanded, reduced, invented; that all that is can be smart. Being smart means that everything is social, that everything can be shared and that everything is in-formation; it means imagining stimuli and responses, sensors and actuators everywhere.

Being smart is knowing that technique is not everything, but that it can solve everything; that the subdivision between soft and hard is fundamental but not necessary; that soft can continually reinvent the hard and itself.

Smart means to connect the big and the small. Smart is glocal. Smart favors the “discreet” to the “continuous”. Smart is being able to do without hierarchies, without denying them. Smart is not competitiveness but cooperation. Smart is by its nature a political “disposition”. Maybe being smart means trying to be (mentally) free.