Loop. The Recursive Review

recensione loop

Comic image of the TV series Loop, between science fiction and poetry. A large robot is in a wood, among many trees; in the background a man looking at the robot.

Among the best heirs of “On the edge of reality”, a historical series, and strongly tied to the best features of modern seriality (including special effects done in a poetic way), here is this series, on Prime Video platform, slightly clinging to it. He takes you hand in hand walking in the woods. An animated grove of strange and shy retro design robots, abandoned objects that look like modern art sculptures but they are simply science fiction wrecks.

A series of stories intertwined like the branches of the forest, ruffled like the autumn leaves, unpredictable and poetic like the freezing wind blows that leave chills and suspended thoughts.

Simon Stålenhag, like the Giger in Alien, gives the series a true artistic contribution of undeniable depth. Lovers of action and dynamism should abstain, while admirers of psychological commitment and collective stories are welcome.