DARK, The Triple Review

recensione loop

Within this labyrinthine narrative world, Einstein Rosen calls into question the God particle, Schrodinger’s cat, the temporal paradoxes, dualism and triquetra, the concept of an infinite loop, radioactive waste, the disappearance of children and intricate bed stories, you get lost almost immediately. But this does not decrease one’s interest.

Cleverly leftclues, like bread crumbs that could lead is out of the woods. But instead, they could be a cunning trap from a sadistic and calculating screenwriter.

In fact, some of these, such as the 33-year cycle trackand the ratio to 3, are strong elements of the story, while temporal paradoxes do not seem to cause apocalyptic shocks (as is in other films on the theme of time travel).

Interestingly, under the pretext of a trauma full of dramatic events, we are passed almost subliminally complicated concepts of physics. Who knows if this does not give rise to a curiosity that someone will want to deepen?

Some emotional relationships are also very touching: fathers who defy time and sanity to save their children; mothers capable of extreme sacrifices for their daughters; lovers who defy the laws of nature; and nuclear apocalypse to put things right.

But what’s most surprising is that a series set completely in Germany and that plans to go back and forth in time (in at least 5 historical periods) manages to avoid in the midst of pulling the period between 1933 and 1945 in its own right, suggesting a voluntary removal.