No longer beccafico recipe sardines

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As Marine Biology tells us, this fish live in various areas in the world, especially in the Atlantic ocean and Mediterranean sea. Quite small, brightening of light blue, they are very sensitive and unselfish. Actually, they provide us with number of vitamins, last but not least, Omega-3 whose effectiveness keeps integral when they are really fresh and not canned or in oil. It is worth to emphasize that they tend to pile up in huge shoals, up to many thousands of individuals. Incredible: a female can even produce till 80.000 roes. That’s the science. Socially speaking, everybody can freely connect him/herself to whatever metaphor. On the contrary, he/she can reject even science’s results and just taste some recipes: Sicilian style beccafico or pasta with sardines or Venetian saor sardines. It’s a manner to feel satisfied, by satisfying his/her own taste and stomach. Meanwhile, some people, not only youngsters, are livening up.