The unloved San Donald, the only flag-bearer against China

The word skateboard takes the stylized form of a skateboard; this time, ideally, it moves between Donald Trump and China

Is a pro- Donald Trump opinion-movement (recently, we jokingly named him “San Donald”) in tune with another one acting against Trump? Common sense says certainly no.

But we dare to say that it is appropriate, even necessary. Have you heard an institutional figure underlying Chinese government’s faults? Cui prodest? It is not helpful to the institutional figures, nor to the governments, nor the full time financial mediators, nor to small, medium and large entrepreneurs who have been doing business with the Dragon without thinking about the social, political and economic consequences.

Trump spoke very clear to Chinese government. And his accusations remain clear, regardless of whether the virus started alone or due to carelessness or otherwise. The substance of facts remains unchanged. The problem is now to wonder what China will do slowly and quietly.

That’s why at this very moment “San Donald” is a flag-bearer of an urgent opinion-movement, even though his errors haven’t been light.