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Favolacce dei fratellia D’Innocenzo


In the film by the Innocenzo brothers (in some photos reminds me of the Shining twins), we have the opportunity to probe the darkness in full light of a humanity left to itself.

It is as if the characters were from a screenwriter who had been in hiding.The protagonists of this choral film sketch half-lives between arranging and entertaining themselves. Almost certain that there is nothing else to do.

Each bearer of their own inner aberration, each one able to lie to himself to perpetuate a vain existence.

A picture that outlines that deconstructed society and faint-hearted, who are capable of misjudging the different, but also ready to hate the neighbours. A betrayed and traitor humanity. Poor in the sense of emptiness, foul and unconscious.

Needless to say, material goods are a must and so are family affections, made of sterile clichés, ready to shatter with a small push.

But the most difficult moment is when the viewer has doubt of being inside that painting without being aware of it.