Mandalorian, the Stellar Review

A new piece has been added to the already extensive narrative production of the Star Wars space saga, and it’s the least expected.

The Mandalorians were fleeting presences in the background of the events, much more central to the great battle between good (Jedi) and evil (Sith). The only thing that is clear is who worked as bounty hunters. They appeared less on screen than the Ewoks, bear-like natives of the wooded moon of Endor.

Yet, surprisingly, they are, or rather to a specific Mandalorian, a new series now on Disney‘s streaming platform.

Mandalorian debuted in Disney+ in November 2019, and is already in its’ second season. The first reveals some captivating elements that generate genuine interest. The second seems, instead, wanting to pass any curiosity on the subject.

The originality of the protagonist lies in the fact that it seems to have come out of a western but with a medieval bestiary at its disposal. Futuristic weapons and, here and there, we find some humour. Another comedy element is the expedient of the classic comic couple. The couple is formed by our hero and the child (Baby Yoda) that corrects, with his tender expressions, the lack of the Mandaloran’s face.

Being able to build narrative tension around a faceless protagonist is not, in itself, a simple thing. The involvement of the viewer is supported by the slow unveiling of the personal history of the grumpy Mandalorian, a high level of special effects, and by well-characterized co-stars. Apart from a few stumbles, it remains an entertainment suitable for fans of the genre and new fans.