Dear foreign friends, let me share my great fear for Italy

Skateboard logo that this week deals with the Italy's situation

A great fear, it is a very truly one, it isn’t a warlike, a political assumption. I’m talking as a citizen who loves read carefully things. There is no disdain or doubt about the governors’ abilities. I think of the various routed anthropological, social and cultural problems from which Italy suffer and which are capable of weakening all good will. Furthermore, the sense of the nation yields to even legitimate dips in their own political flag. As if it were about survival, and in a certain sense it is, in the existential terrain. But there would be the survival of the nation to which all Italians belong. How scary! Up until now I can’t shake it off. Please, kind members of the establishment, please kind members of the opposition. It is not a personal matter, even though I am involved in it, but it is of course a national one. Start doing something that will safeguard Italy economically in the near and more distant future. Fear of shipwreck, of a very deep and irrecoverable rise in debt, fear of a kind of capitis deminutio. I know well that I am not original in this statement. But this is the reason why my own fear is quite stable until now. It is based on the objective condition when two plus two are four. Let’s subvert it. Thanks.