Nobody Can Feel Preserved, not even Boris

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Ok, at home, in the shelter, in this way protecting themselves and the others. So all countries do, not only European ones. But Boris Johnson is special. He leads the Kingdom of Brexit. So, to be totally coherent, he keeps far from the measures taken by the EU countries. Who stays at home? Who does not work, or has no professional duties.

In short: the retirees devoted to total rest. And what about people who are fired or simply have no a job? They can go around looking for it. What about schools and universities? Attending them is students’ job. It is not “to attempt to contain the disease as far as possible, but to delay its spread”.

This with all the advantages that each country worldly expects and that it is not necessary to list. One question, however: This beneficial strategy to delay the spread would be stronger and more effective or, on the opposite, counterproductive, if students worked in streaming and some factories at least slowed down. But, you know, the City Is the City. Boris: “I must level with you, many more families are going to lose loved ones before their time”.