Doubly crowned, health and society

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All of us could be crowned. Virally, of course. Everyone, who? Everyone who lives on earth. China can not be blamed: it would be an irrational reaction, since the consequent economic damages affect China as well, no less than any other country in the world. Anyway, as a fact of matter, the Coronavirus cunningly got Chinese citizenship.
It is a globe-trotter travelling highways and byways. As an anarchist, it doesn’t know geographical or ideological boundaries.

It is invasive, speaks Esperanto and has its own tax havens. In spite of the economic disasters it causes everywhere, it loves his homeland and is loved by its homeland. Don’t shot the messenger, it is clear, but it makes disasters born locally, elsewhere. Everybody hopes it won’t happen likely the fragmented penetration with which disparate absolutely cheap and “made in China” objects have invaded the world. Paradoxically, viral crowning and colonial crowning collude. At least, for a while.