Around the Futurist Lust

In the picture there are two female faces. The first is colored and located on the left, the other is black and white and located on the right. The dark red title is located on the upper part of the picture on white background

Dioniso Legami is the title of the e-book by the essayist Vitaldo Conte at Tiemme Digital Editions. “The Futurist Manifesto of Lust (1913) by Valentine de Saint-Point is the premise for Dioniso Legami – as the author has written. The life-work of the Marquis de Sade and Aleister Crowley enters in the path as Eros-Readings, but also as fantastic bodies and narratives of desire, in which Dionysus “binds” together life-art-literature”.

In his e-book Conte goes through his writings published in various journals.

The declination of the rose

The initial text is on Futurist Lust. Conte presents his Rose Lust, which is the title of the exhibition he curated in Lecce in 2010. In the catalogue there was a poem (reported in the e-book) by Carmelo Strano, dedicated to The Rose of Vitaldix (offered to Valentine de Saint-Point): “I love the rose that I caught and that I want to catch / rosă / I invoke Valentine who is vocative-evocative light raised-lifted from the short accent like petal to the wind”.

Finally, Conte proposes the hypothesis of Porno-Futurism even with a connection with the porn-star Moana Pozzi (to whom he dedicates the cover). This e-book was published the same day of  her death (September 15, 1994).

From Valentine to Moana

 Roberto Guerra, visionary trans-futurist author, “sees” an erotic-virtual translation between the futurist Valentine and Moana, indicated as a possible heir. To him, “The futurist Valentine de Saint-Point, an amazon and a writer, is for the women of the future – that is, today – an infinitely more alive, animated and free doll than all the manly and matriarchal contemporary feminism”.

To this hypothesis of Porno-Futurism Conte has linked the figure of Valentine with references to Valentina character designed by Guido Crepax. He writes: “Here Porn becomes an imaginative possibility of creation, freeing yourself from the imperative of being a consumerist object for sexual arousal. His eager figures of women and dolls seek Dionysus in the bonds of Lust which becomes mystical of love.”