Around the World (the virus) in Eighty Days

skull and word skateboard, black on white, the author column

An expert in economics, finance and companies, prof. Domenico Arcuri, commissioner, is also bound to like literature. With objectivity and ill-concealed emotion he underlined (also as a guest of Lucia Annunziata) the 80 days spent in this special full time dive in his delicate commitment as Extraordinary Commissioner for the Covid-19 emergency. This could have made someone remember Giulio Verne and his “Around the World in Eighty Days”. Just because of a mere and easy school memory. Think of it, not only did the virus (not sure its assignor”) created the disaster, but, casually, it makes fun of us. Actually, it also makes you think about “its” tour of the world, including Italy, in 80 days. A great tourist who even destroys tourism. Times of madness, and never culprits.