A general Constituent instead of a stage of free words

Skateboard logo that this week deals with the Constituent Assembly

The last time it was summoned was in 1789 (May). The cause: the deep crisis that gripped France. Now, Italy is experiencing a no less important crisis. So here you are the General States. The metaphor would require to know who represents nowadays the clergy, aristocracy and bourgeoisie. Regarding the vote, it doesn’t matter to know whether you will vote by order (the agreement of two of the three states, and you’ll have the winner) or by head. That’s because you do not vote or produce an operational project. It is hoped that this great staging (rivers of words, in spite of the claimed urgency) will leave a small “objective” or motivated contribution to those who will have to produce that programmatic document. The General States can broaden the themes, but they do not constitute the scientific basis for the long-term recovery operational project. For this scientific commitmentit is necessary to see who will work on that salvific project. And if they are exponents of the usual daily or TV politics, pretty much yikers. A General Constituent made up of eminent figures from various fields, not only economic, and politicians chosen for their special skills: It is right this what Italy needs – as it is said in our article “Italy, a Constituent for the aftermath or scoff”. Actually, it is  hardly given we will be capable of the narrowness that has characterized German planning.