Germany-Italy 4-0 but it’s not football

Skateboard logo that this week deals with the Covid 19 in Italy and in Germany

It is bound that, in case of a comparison between Germany and Italy about the ways of organizing and also communicating the obstinate pandemic, we Italians would just have to glory in our excellence: imagination, creativity, inventiveness, sun elsewhere and sooner or later the things will be realized. As far as negligence, slowness, the trial of St. Thomas (that is: until the second wave returns, I will go on hoping that it won’t be there), nobody is guilty. Actually, faults merge into the sea of ​​the Italian anthropological features. Someone says: it is not time to face controversy, because of the crisis; later we will argue.

Full agreement about the first point. As far as the the second point is concerned, it will surely come. But it will be a matter of a funny conversation in the living-room. Today we must cultivate hope for other matters.