These days peace does not give us peace

Skateboard logo that this week deals with the human relations

Let’s pretend that we all hate each other, so that we can stay at a “social distance”. Or let’s say the truth: that we can’t stand when selfishnesses do not meet, and we start discussing about sympathy and antipathy. The basic problem is: we must avoid each other. If we don’t, someone will love us, that is the microscopic crowned.

Of course public relations are important for of all aspects of the economy. But this is also worth for the affective and intimate life as well as for socializing which has nothing to do with P.R. How much strange we the humans are. We hate each other and need to be together. And it goes without saying that the microscopic crowned cheers for peace. It is an irenophile. Peace among people is fundamental for its survival. And you almost feel like giving it the Nobel Prize.