The charge of the 300 or better of the 600

Skateboard logo that this week deals with the 300 euro for italian families in difficulty

You wonder where some original ideas come from. In this case, it is easy to say: from history which  is generous. Well, history inspired the ultimate number: three hundred. What is more difficult to say is whether the Italian premier Giuseppe Conte was inspired by Carlo Pisacane and the gleaner of Sapri (they were three hundred, they were young and strong, etc.) or by the three hundred Spartan soldiers headed by Leonidas and who were massacred by the Persians at the Thermopylae. Anyway a doubt arises: if the experts involved to contribute to the economic project tied to Italy’s restoration are three hundred and each of them will have an assistant perhaps the president (whom we already claimed as a “cunctator” or temporizer) intended to overlap the two historical moments: 300 plus 300. The accounts add up. At least under this point of view.