Border. The Olfactory Review

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Border: Border Creatures
“Us, them.” “Just want to be”

Being based on the story written by Jon Ajvide Lindqvist (Swedish) and directed by Ali Abbasi (Danish-Iranian), you can already guess that the central theme is integration and diversity, among others: nature and culture, human vs not human, sexual gender stereotypes, a search for identity, and ancient Swedish legends. It speaks of a sense of completeness in truly knowing who we are without feelings of inferiority, free to be.

It’s also an opportunity to take a look from the outside to discover things other than those that we keep repeating ourselves every day. It is an error to be thinking we are on the right side only because we don’t have an adverse theory.

The theme is uprooting, feeling different without knowing why, and also an awareness. Being aware is not an explosive revolution, it is a deep metaphor that can lead from being human to not wanting to be more, and then wanting to be yourself.

The sincere and daily effort to find one’s place in the world.