The Juggler by Angela Giordano

Disegno raffigurante un giocoliere. Ai lati ci sono 2 vignette e in alto è scritto in stampatello Angela Giordano. Il rispetto delle regole

Angela Giordano has been practicing a pattern made up by the fusion of her own main skills as a teacher and as an artist. A fusion based on a sparkling and above all combative tension (she lives in Sicily). For decades, with his art she has been sending gentle, seductive messages, alternating them with others of strong ethical commitment. Its gentle sign, especially in the drawings, is indirectly connected to pedagogy (which is in any case an ethical moment). But often his kindness gives way to social commitment (see “The juggler” drawing). Giordano is a convinced and militant pasionaria in the direction of Italy’s “re-education” through art. She has often launched official petitions to newspapers and institutions. Not always with the appropriate feedback. But she does not give up. So her mission, in spite of having distant roots,goes on looking toward the future.