recensione loop

Snowpiercer summarises the concepts of “class struggle” (literally), “we’re all on the same boat” (in this case on wheels) and “we’re going at full speed towards the abyss” (which would be the end of the world). These three images blended together and put under ice generate a subject born from a transformed French comic. This is in a film by the recently award-winning Bong Joon-ho and featuring on Netflix, with the charming Jennifer Connelly in a deciphering guise. Our supreme director will have to move circumspectly in a linear labyrinth made of diplomacy, unscrupulous choices and handling a secret that could blow everything up. In this high-speed picture, murderous perversions are engaged, proletarian tensions and the disheartening feeling that the balance of a humanity (precarious in every sense) is about to get lost permanently.