SITE-James Wines, a great school of thinking and inventing

SITE-James Wines, a great school of thinking and inventing
James Wines

SITE’s 50th Anniversary goes on being celebrated

The architectural artistic team was created by James Wines also as a thinking laboratory. Actually, Wines has always been engaged in inventing and, basically, working out absolutely revolutionary ideas.

Among his main topics, that of presenting architecture within the landscape, in context, that is like a work of art that “not only integrates harmoniously with its surroundings and appeals to the aesthetic sensibility of the viewer, but often also reflects current social discourse”. For instance, the climate change, sustainability, ‘green’ architecture, gentrification or the future of cities.

By the way he insists in his motto: Context as content. It is a recurring theme in the works of SITE.

Over the last years Wines has been giving many interviews, shows, agreements with different museum and universities. He is really an unavoidable reference for the modern and contemporary art, architecture, drawing, and thinking society as well as beauty.

About SITE

SITE is an architecture and environmental arts studio, internationally known for innovative buildings, public spaces, parks, interiors and product designs. Founded in New York City in 1970, the purpose is to serve clients through the creation f aesthetically imaginative, visually memorable, environmental responsible, and economically viable structures. The group is a collaborative team of architects, artists and technicians. During the past fifty years SITE has completed works in the USA, Canada, Spain, France, England, Austria, Japan, China, Korea, Turley, Qatar, and Dubai.

After the early 1990s, SITE became increasingly involved with environmental issues. The design team believed that a sustainable architecture for the future must provide and expanded definition of green design and a much higher level of communication with the public. This refers to an integration of social, psychological, ecological and contextual information. In the interest of developing a relevant architectural language for our ever-changing sociopolitical culture, the SITE studio believe that future buildings and public spaces should go beyond early industrial age influences and find ways to response more effectively to the 21st century age of information and ecology.

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