Exodus, Sebastião Salgado on show

this photo of Salgado you can see some Zaire refugees and there is also a female child
SEBASTIÃO SALGADO. Exodus. In cammino sulle strade delle migrazioni FONDAZIONE PISTOIA MUSEI in collaborazione con Contrasto e Pistoia - Dialoghi sull’uomo. Pistoia, Palazzo Buontalenti / Antico Palazzo dei Vescovi 8 febbraio – 26 luglio 2020 Sebastião Salgado / Contrasto Sebastião Salgado Water supplies are often far away from the refugee camps. Goma, Zaire. 1994. Sebastião Salgado / Contrasto
Exodus. Travelling the Roads of Migrants

If you have never been to Pistoia and are planning to spend a weekend in the Tuscan city, do not miss the exhibition Exodus. Travelling the Roads of Migrants (In cammino sulle strade delle migrazioni) by the famous Brazilian Sebastião Salgado, scheduled until July 26 at Palazzo Buontalenti / Antico Palazzo dei Vescovi.

The organizers

The exhibition consists of 180 black and white photographic works. It is organised by the Pistoia Museum Foundation in collaboration with Pistoia – Dialoghi sull’uomo, the contemporary anthropology festival, and also with the photo agency Contrasto, the Caript Foundation, the Pistoia municipality and the Pistoia Chamber of Commerce.

The photos

The protagonists of the Salgado images are refugees from various countries, with their burden of pain and hope. The photojournalist draws the observer’s attention to the dramatic moments of individuals in search of a promised land outside their borders. Documenting mass migrations, Salgado focuses the shots on the representation of the faces in the foreground.

The refugees problems and the greatest challenges of our times

From the detail of these faces and life stories to the theme of travel and refugee status in one of the many fields that become pseudo-community, the step is very small. Salgado also, representing mass migration, allowing the visitors to touch on even the greatest challenges of our times: such as poverty, natural disasters, violence, wars, the divide between the rich and the poor, population growth, the mechanization of agriculture, environmental destruction, climate change and fanaticism exploited for political purposes.

The artist’s words

“Today, more than ever” the artist stated “I feel that mankind is one. There are differences in colours, languages, culture and opportunities, but the feelings and reactions of all people are similar. We hold the key to the future of humanity, but we have to understand the present. These photos demonstrate a portion of our present. We can’t afford to look the other way”.

Informations about this exhibition

Please note: if you are a Salgado fan and want to visit Exodus (Pistoia, Palazzo Buontalenti / Antico Palazzo dei Vescovi), it is obligatory to wear masks throughout the exhibition, you can book by phoning at +39 0573 974267 every day from 9am to 13pm and from 14pm to 18pm. Additionally, your temperature will be checked at the entrance to the show.