Out of Phase, the Possible Disaster

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logo by Flavio Ferrarese

Phase 2: Italy VS Coronavirus

Health cannot wait, the economy cannot wait, work cannot wait, the competition showdown with other nations cannot wait, depression cannot wait. But the disaster would have to wait and should be prevented.

Decision-making countries with a strong sense of civic responsibility have regretted after having moved to phase 2. The early official easy slowing down of the lockdown cheers up people towards the past normal behaviours. Above all, those who do not have suitable tools to practice the critical sense in state management (which however is to be respected) and who perhaps see the Word in the official decrees.

Without slow and rigorous very gradual steps (which is bound not to be practiced; let us think of the great danger that transport represents), the risk of frustrating the great sacrifices made so far is very high. Herd immunity? This is another story. Damage to the economy if we don’t restart urgently? And of what magnitude would be the economic contractions in case of disaster? Let us touch wood.