Our time in Abitacolo, and they are twenty

in the black and white photo you can see a series of undulating buildings
Dani Karavan, Unrecognized opera

Abitacolo (Cockpit) is the cultural foundation with a pivot in art and, mainly in architecture. Fernando Miglietta founded it in Calabria in 1995.

in the color photo you can see the cover of the magazine Abitacolo with the list of all the contributors
Magazine Abitacolo, cover

Tasks: Promotion of the cultural debate around these issues, organization of events, a precious spontaneous collection of drawings and other works by international designers, and works of art. But above all an intense and well focused editorial activity. Hence the magazine bearing the same name Miglietta founded. It is committed to monothematic volumes, which over the time has been published with the theoretical support of leading personalities, starting from the Scientific Committee (among others: Renato Barilli, Fernando De Filippi, Massimiliano Fuksas, Dani Karavan, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Franco Purini, Vittorio Sgarbi, Carmelo Strano).

This year the review celebrates its twentieth birthday wirh a special turned to the theme “Identity and Visions”.

Substantial approaches from various disciplines make this book a source of great interest for understanding our complex, as well as battered time. Many contributions, for example by Sergio Givone, Franco Purini, Paolo Portoghesi, Stefano Boeri, Daniel Buren, Ugo La PietraPaolo Gubinelli, Sergio Miglietta, and fa poem by Carmelo Strano dedicated to ILVA and illustrated by Gabriele Artusio.

in the color photo you can see three sketches of buildings or palaces
Paolo Portoghesi, Studi Vari

In their introduction, Fernando Miglietta and Anna Maria Terremoto, underline a series of merciless questions which follow one another, such as: In a world of hegemonies and borders, is identity a truth? So who are the enemies of the identity of places, communities, ideas? Who accelerates the drift of an uprooted civilization? There is no lack of directions: Investigating creative processes, comparing thought, works and philosophical reflection. And finally, the importance of the pattern identity-beauty is emphasized. All in line with the ethical-aesthetic commitment that is in the subtitle of Abitacolo: Forms and languages ​​of the Contemporary. But the 20th issue also pays special attention to social phenomena, the primary terrain of identity.