No one Italian region is featured by green color

Skateboard logo that this week deals with the different colours of italian regions cause to Covid

All of them are under the sign of bright, intense, strong colors. Two of these colors are linked to attention and alarm (the red and the orange). The third, the yellow, with its sun-like deep light, is out of tune, an antithesis. Especially if this yellow refers –  either by love or by mistake – to regions with serious problems in the hospitals. This is a plastic value of the wavering to which the government is committed. In common the regions have an uncategorized color, the green: they are easily hard up (in vulgar Italian you say: to be in green) and do not have interesting and heartening prospects. They find themselves in the condition of Color che son sospesi (those who are suspended, from Dante). Day by day they wonder: which color will fall to me today?