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It all started from a mistake

I suggest you a subject: the West and its culture arise from a mistake which forces it to constantly wander (perhaps, someone, while wandering, will take a hint).
This strange mistake is precisely the one which has made the West very powerful to the point of occupying the entire world. The mistake lies in separating the institution from the Being, and therefore making Being an entity (I believe that the hint is becoming evident). This is the humanism, better humanismus.

Oblivion and technique

This imposes the oblivion of Being characterized by the exploitation of nature “increasingly ingenious and arbitrarily calculating” (the quote perhaps reveal the allusion: I am chasing and imitating the inimitable Heidegger).
Humanism, the primacy of the human: not only guilt but huge and very powerful sin of pride.
This is in the domain of technique which not only produces and fuels oblivion, but also progressively (ah ah, History!) swallows men. Amen! In the oblivion of Being, men dominate and are dominated. They are executioners and at the same time victims, although they should be for Heidegger only pastors of Being.

The demon of demons

Well! Based on this argument, technique is inevitably the demon of demons which eats the pride of every humanism. So that, the emergence of cybernetics and digital can only represent the definitive victory of technique for technique and so: “Only a god can save us”. Who said that? Of course, Heidegger said it in his last and definitive interview with Der Spiegel on September 23, 1966. Of course, I don’t think so.

Humanism and digital

I would say that only we can save ourselves. I would say that humanism (which has something to do with the Humanist movement, but just a little) is a misfortune, an abstraction that replaces the real fact, that is, the person. I would say that, if Heidegger and his imitators’ scheme has a minimum of philosophical and /or historical-epochal plausibility (who am I to deny it?), digital is not what creates the demoniac aspect and