recensione loop

You could fall into the first season of Homecoming (now on Prime) like falling into a manhole. Dark and smelly, even if it has a distinct modernist design. The oppression from that uncertain and detached-from-reality place, among misunderstood characters and lies, where everything which is arranged to put us in check can also lead us to bewilderment. As indeed happens to some of the characters. But Julia Roberts, capable of deep expressiveness even without make-up, knows how to lead us step by step towards the grip of a ruthless cogwheel.In the background, war, the hunger of the army for new human flesh ready for sacrifice.A company with unscrupulous management, a courageous mother and small,tiny employee of the state can, at a click, can really change everything. 

Also strong with accurate visual choices, long silences and graphics finds, it will make you want to start the second season right away.