Greta beyond the Horrible Drawing, gracefully

The naked bust of a man from behind, held by the arms of a figure not represented at the height of the hips. On the bust, on the lower back, the name Doug is written. Below, X-SITE Energy Services.
Graphic processing by Ben Bestetti

The global meets the global. She treats the global emergency, especially the global warming. Her counterpart treats oil. She is Greta Thunberg, on her opposite there is X-SITE Energy Services and her champion manager Doug Sparrow. She is small, thin and quite teen ager but with fiery eyes in spite of their cerulean color; that international company is strong and tenacious in its indirect attacks against those who want to protect the planet.

To put on display its financial commitment, the company thought of offering his employees a decal to put on their safety helmets, so that in case of dense fog they could recognize each other. They easily realized about what kind of message they were carrying on: that terrible painstaking little Swedish deserved an icastic representation like this.

She is offered from her back, two long braids that, instead of hanging, are grasped by human hands, synecdotal arms (that is representative) of the human figure that doesn’t appear. Two writings on her shoulders, making them even more sinuous than perhaps they really are: X-SITE and, of course, another writing: Greta upon.

We should cal all this a global rape. It seems that almost one signed it, if we think how the manager of the company, Doug Sparrow, struggled to justify himself. Actually, it is easy to assume that someone has authorized not only the production of the labels, but also their official destination, that is the helmets. He claims tahat he knew, and, inevitably touched by this affair, he specifies: “She is not a girl, she is seventeen years old”. Let everyone from fifteen to ninety years, in every part of the globe, makes their comment.

The company commented: “This does not reflect the values ​​of this company or our employees. We are deeply sorry for the suffering that we may have caused. ” But what are these values?

One figure reacted strongly, the Argentine designer German Canalla, who says he is the author of this design, even though in its original version, that is without any sign of outrage.