The global era. Everything is global. Of course it’s a real age that, through its future ramifications and complications, may be destined to coincide with the end of the planet. Possibly, it is the last of the ages that, through the millennia, marked the history of many populations and cultures. The global socio-existential dimension gives this epoch (ours and the future one) traits of absolute newness. Everything is new. But unfortunately the only exception to this revolutionary novelty is the human behaviour, which, since the dawn of time and by nature, is evil, irresponsible, warlike and self-destructive. 

Never like today human being has been self-destructive. It doesn’t realize that destroying the earth is like setting on fire the house where it lives, sleeps and reproduces. All of us, when looking itself at the mirror, concludes: “What can I do myself?” We all do that. But those who decide the politics and the economical global life do not do so, because they don’t have time. Time is truly money for them. That’s not because they need it (it’s just people’s mindset) but in the sense of the exponential growth of the money. And the this stopping at mirror, if by chance a thought like this came to mind- would be a damage for their money-power project. An innate incentive (at different levels). The only difference is that there are those who can and those who cannot. The novelty in this push is that it has no limits, in whatever fields, geographical, moral, political, anthropological, cultural and even civic. The “cives”, that is the citizens, do not react, elsewhere in the earth. Moreover, that’s the only circumstance in which we could mockingly call ourselves nationalist.

Everybody would be just people, without any mediation through social classes or casual and involuntary deterrents. The world is irreversibly divided between those who can and those who cannot. The second ones are permanently fixed in this position due to the uncontrollable and excessive power of the others. Those who cannot would like that money was functional to their primary needs. Those who can only conceive money for its sake (as the header of this headline recalls). In addition, the Scrooges, the Olympic gods, destroy our planet. How? Not taking care of it with appropriate investments, and instead, redirecting the allocated deceivingly funds on other subjects. Moreover the position of those who cannot worsens because the planet is threatened by destruction due to natural disasters and pandemics. All is rigorously and inevitably global. We are absolutely far from any nationalism.

It is as if, you locked yourself inside your house thinking to be safe from the deadly fire spreading outside. It’s clear that a well-planned and decisive socio-economical global policy of invasion – like the Chinese one – it’s an apical experience among the many (including pandemics) that loom on us, in an era where we are endlessly present, and not only “on line”. A condition featured by a double viruses, coming both from the real world and the virtual world. A demoniac synergy. In some case, paradoxically, opportunities of dialogue between global policies and interruption of tactical and hostile manoeuvres may occur. This will happen when potential strong and sheltered regimes, like China, will implement a special and constructive transparency (even if it won’t be easy for sure) and when they will show willingness to scientific cooperation.