Evangelion. The definitive review

recensione loop

Comic strip about the Japanese manga series by cartoonist Fabio Folla, for La Pedivella, column of Fyinpaper geoculturale webzine


A quarantine period is ideal for recovering and seeing a series with regard to all its aspects. We refer to that one which has made the history of the robots’ sagas by mixing different special ingredients. The Mecha-design is very impressive, the narrative layout and the direction are remarkable, even though we do not like the repeated time jumps and some long dialogues in fixed scenes. But here you are its values which make very origina: the dead sea scrolls, the tree of life, prophecies, angels that look like demons with amazing features. Some, did not appreciated the last part. Mainly those who would have met the defeat of a powerful enemy. But here the enemy is not out there, the enemy is inside, inside each character. It is a poison that destroys their lives, in a different way. As far as the protagonist is concerned, the fight is even harder because it is a poison that led him to be there, to try to win a bit of consideration from his father.