Cobra kai, the martial review

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Series which recently landed on Netflix which – according to most people – bears an original unforgivable sin which affects the vision.

The original sin is due to the fact that this series can be considered continuation of a blatantly 80s film. Karate Kid symbol of a historical period. With all its clichés and conventional slips. Film in which you blatantly side with a protagonist who is –a the same time – dimensional and helped by luck rather than the willing.

And here’s the surprise, this series seems able to remedy the errors and horrors of the film. More than 30 years later we find the same characters (and the same actors) who show us the other side of the story.

Besides, what we believed to be the villain reveals much deeper motivations than the protagonist’s. But little by little slowly he begins a path of redemption that will lead him to admit many things to himself.

The children of the two rivals also take their action. They will be the detonator of a story being pending.

With this narrative operation, a different philosophy in seeing reality is emphasized rather than a change of style. A no longer black and white reality but full of nuances. This, among other things, is clearly stated by Johnny Lawrence and is precisely the top of its metamorphosis.

But don’t think that you deal just with a story focused on the redemption of the villain. Daniel Larusso’s banal respectable life is also revealed. Owner of a dealership traitor to the simple and genuine spirit of his master.

Immersed in the pompous luxury of a victory, achieved (with a forbidden blow), in a tournament of 34 years earlier. He too will have to deal with the things that he had taken for granted.

For this reason, despite the inevitable slips into teenage romantic comedy, it is not a series to be considered with superficiality. We look forward confidently to the third season.