Attacks on people, first indictment

Skateboard logo that this week deals with the new habits caused by Covid 19

First hypothesis: the covid-19 suddenly emerged from some holes. The second: a well thought out affair. It is not easy to say who did it for sure. Many ideas, even that of an international partnership between tycoons or between superpower leaders.

The main wickedness are two. The first: Donald Trump and Xi Jinping play skirmishes which are so heavy to remind to the word genocide. And in doing so, they couldn’t care less of people.

According to the objective facts, the fault lies in the deliberately delayed communication (which caused a large number of victims). And here is the second wickedness geared not only by China, but also by the WHO and its very faithful national referents.

This second wickedness something like a truth already consecrated by the SenatusPopulusqueRomanus, to put it with an expression of ancient powerful Rome. Not without icing on the cake, that is the recent late justification of the WHO: it would have paid those “special” attentions to the Dragon (the deferrals) as a strategy to bring it out into the open. A fairy tale suitable for children under 16. Here then is the

FIRST INDICTMENT: My times as a single, butler of myself (I still do not allow my housekeeper to join house), have lengthened unsustainably due to the involvement in sanitation and sanitization of my environment, of my person, of long and dangerous queues at supermarkets and pharmacies.

And then the almost all in plastic food and household items which need quarantine. The total is six hours a day compared to the usual two. But I should say better compared to the the half hour dedicated to the care of my person. Actually, as mentioned, in the pre-covid era you could rely on the housekeeper.

Other indictments to be followed.