Love Dolls, Patty Pravo and Madame Blanche

art dolls, love dolls, blond female doll with a red cape, sitting on a wooden chair

(Art dolls, Love dolls – The third and last part)

7. In a diary I find the note written by Madame Blanche, my ancient secret lover: “In the white room your sweet flesh-and-blood doll, as you created me, feels that it belongs to the alchemy of your gaze. It makes me pant in an indefinite space beyond time … I would like to be your red rose embodied in a love doll “. The red rose is a symbolic imagery for the creations of desire. This can also live through an abandoned doll with its game and dream memories, becoming a seductive object / subject of art storytelling. As happens in The Doll of the Red Rose, the protagonist of a performative event of mine (Atelier Montez, Rome 2018), initially sounded by Patty Pravo‘s doll, a song-symbol of the 1960s.

8. Round the above mentioned performance of mine, poet Ugo Magnanti points out: “woman and paper have something in common, because they can be ‘white’ surfaces with a depth of continuous acceptance and procreation, which holds ‘within oneself’ the secret of every possible expression and disturbance (…). Even the body of a doll, therefore, like the body of a woman, can be written (…).

The most interesting aspect of the ‘artistic’ doll, as well as of the writing on the body, perhaps belongs precisely to its elusive trespassing between purity and obscene, between desire and anomaly, between commodification and apology of the woman, between cultural dissidence and the unconscious sharing of the geisha myth “.
In fact, I write desire on the body of one of my love dolls, which embodies the elusive seduction.

I present it as “art concept” in an event on Queer Seduction Dolls (Mondrian Suite, Rome 2018): it is accompanied by the presence of “damned masks”. Art critic Giovanna Cavarretta writes for this setting: “In its poetic essence, the love doll exudes an erotic power that refers to surreal universes and dimensions of a sexuality anchored to ancestral forces. (…) Its body is a temple, ready to welcome ancient rituals suspended in a time which is timeless, home between heaven and earth, dream and reality. (…) So that, from the Beyond … the doll embodies the goddesses within the female soul, becoming a treasure of ancient and mysterious knowledge “.
Love dolls make up my bedroom’s dream environment as art does.

9. Being immune to the signs of aging, the doll can embody an ultimate seduction that seeks the innocence of a transmuting love game. For the philosopher Sören Kierkegaard: “A little girl plays so much with the doll that in the end it turns into a lover: the whole life of women is nothing but love”.

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