To Each Man his own Epiphany, with Irony and Art

the picture is a cartoon that represent a couple on a bed under a blanket. the woman has a big nose and her feet are out of the blanket, whille the man has beard, moustache and glasses. Around the bed there are several boxes and a cat on a small chair
Epiphany, a drawing by James Wines.

Pandemic forced James Wines to move his SITE studio into his apartment, in New York City. With self-irony, and his incomparable sign in drawing, the architect-artist realized this scene in an almost Epiphany’s atmosphere and style, fantastically condensing and superimposing, in a small space,  disparate objects, ideas, thoughts, his own portrait  and Kriz’s, his wife, both in an impossible bed; beautiful and vibrant ways of accumulating daily life’s stuffs and representative symbolic professional materials. A paradoxical overview of his own environment from inside, as if he had constructed it inspired by Schwitters Merzbau processing.